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Disney movies have been delighting audiences since The Walt Disney Company formed in 1923, and started producing a series of live-action/animated films known as the Alice Comedies, which were early versions of Alice In Wonderland.

The Alice Comedies weren't a huge commercial success, but they did provide a foundation for the creation of Walt Disney's famous and now beloved animated character, Mickey Mouse, in 1928. Mickey has appeared in dozens of short and feature-length Disney movies, and continues to be the character most strongly associated with cartoons and Disney movies.

Building on the success and fame of Mickey Mouse, Disney movies have expanded from cartoons to include a variety of live action films. Also, once almost entirely aimed at children, Disney movies now include content and stories suitable for all members of the family, including teens and adults. Despite the demographic expansion in its target audience, Disney movies still remain family-friendly by avoiding the hard-core violence and illicit behaviour commonly found in other movies. That noted, Disney movies aren't as pure as they once were, with some films aimed at older audiences including occasional profanities. Overall, however, Disney movies are still a good, wholesome choice suitable for most viewers. Numerous awards bestowed upon
Disney movies over the years attest to the continuing story quality and cinematic craftsmanship audiences have come to expect from Disney films.

Animated Disney movies are being produced at a much greater rate now than when the company first began releasing its signature, full-length cartoon films. Vastly increased technology and resources have made it possible to produce considerably more than a dozen animated Disney movies each year. Until the mid-1990s, Disney usually released a maximum of two or three animated movies a year, and often less than that during the company's early stages. Live-action Disney movies aren't counted in these figures.

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