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While not suitable for all audiences, horror movies have legions of devoted fans who enjoy a good scare, whether it comes from slashers, alien beings or attacking zombies.
Not all scary flicks are horror movies. Thrillers, especially psychological thrillers, can certainly be frightening, but they're not horror films. Horror movies are unique in their design and have a more specific appeal.

With all the low-budget killing, guts and gore that often relegates horror movies to the B-movie list, it's easy to overlook what makes a really good horror film.
For example, horror movies always have a strong element of good versus evil. Though the evil usually takes the form of a fearsome supernatural event or character(s), the classic conflict is one that appeals to the base human instinct for survival. Caught by this instinct, viewers suspend their disbelief, making horror movies more enjoyable to watch. This same urge to have good prevail over evil is also part of the reason horror sequels are so popular: evil entities from the original movies are sure to make an appearance, even if they have to return from the dead to do it, and audiences naturally want to see these killers and intruders take care of for good.

Admittedly, dialogue in horror movies tends to take a back seat to other priorities such as special effects. Even so, you may notice that most horror movies have at least one good, memorable line. These great lines are often delivered by one of the largely unknown actors horror movies are renowned for employing.

Finally, regardless of however predictable the plot is, however weak the dialogue seems, or how badly portrayed the characters are, even a B-movie horror flick can be saved with a great soundtrack of creepy, put-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat music. Think of the fear created by the pounding music of ‘Jaws' or the tension resulting from the whispered terror accompanying the soundtrack of ‘The Ring'. Now that's scary!

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