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With new movies being released every week, there is plenty of cinematic fodder to keep movie-goers entertained. The range of thrillers, mysteries, comedies, romances, historical epics, Westerns and animated flicks may have you wondering which new movies are worth your time and which are better left behind the curtain.

Professional critics review and rate most new movies before they hit theatres, so reading their opinions is one way to get a feel for what each new movie has to offer. Reviews can be found online, in magazines and newspapers, and on television and radio broadcasts. Why trying to decide on which new movies to see, you might find it helpful to read reviews of movies you have already seen; if you find a reviewer who consistently shares your views of the same films, this might be a critic you can count on to help you find bang for your movie-watching buck.

Professional film critics, or movie reviewers, rate each piece of cinematic work by a number of different criteria. Elements critics look at when creating their reviews include the quality of acting, direction and production; the strength (or weakness) of the plot and story movement; and the impact the film has on its audience. Most reviews of new movies also include a recap of the story (with or without a spoiler), and an examination of the content in terms of violence, sexual material, profanity, and the presence of drugs, alcohol or illicit activity. Finally, most new movies will receive a rating. The rating may take the form of ‘thumbs up' or ‘thumbs down', or a more detailed system of five or ten starts.

By familiarizing yourself with reviews and by knowing what you like, you increase the chances of choosing new movies you will enjoy watching. It's fine to widen your entertainment horizons by seeing a variety of new movies, but for a sure bet, do a little research before you leave for the cinema.

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