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It took Hollywood a couple decades to realize the value of the teen movies niche, but since that time, the industry has been pumping out hundreds of films aimed at teenage viewers.

Most teen movies revolve around the issues typical teens face every day – crushes, love, school, drugs, sex, violence, friends, family pressures, goofing off and growing up. In the world of teen movies, however, these problems and concerns are handled in a more idealized or over-the-top fashion than they are in real life. Characters are faced with conflict or difficult choices that make them examine their situations and reach deep within themselves for solutions. Throw in some mild sexual tension, a few laughs and a great soundtrack, and you've got the makings of a great teen movie.

Usually showcasing all that is cool at the time of release, teen movies add to their appeal by starring teenagers and hip young adults sporting the latest fashions from clothing and hair to music and cars as they go about solving their problems or figuring out what to do with their lives.

While some film critics are prone to overlooking the artistic value of teen movies in much the same way literary reviewers scoff at whodunit-style mysteries, there's no question that many of Hollywood's biggest stars got a major career boost by appearing in teen movies. Who could forget John Cusack and Demi Moore's performances in ‘One Crazy Summer' (1986) or the trials of Elizabeth Shue in the 1987 teen comedy, ‘Adventures in Babysitting'? Let's not forget Tom Cruise's breakthrough performance in the teen-oriented ‘Risky Business' (1983), or Drew Barrymore in ‘Never Been Kissed' (1999)?

Teen movies will continue to be a hit as long as American teens, who often have more disposable income than their parents, keep on demanding more, and that's a good thing. Teen movies fill a gap in the world of film, and in doing so, allow our teens to entertain themselves in a harmless way that may even teach them something about believing in themselves and what they can accomplish.

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