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Somewhere in between the extinct Betamax cassette and the ubiquitous DVD, lies the VHS cassette. Once the primary source of home movies, VHS tapes have fallen from popular favor and are becoming more difficult to find - they have been almost fully supplanted by the DVD. Although VHS tapes seem to be going the way of vinyl record albums and 8-track players, there are still many great VHS movies that have not yet been transferred to DVD.

Who Wants to Watch a Movie on VHS?
People who insist on watching VHS movies over those on DVD generally fall into three categories: the technologically challenged, the penny pinchers, and those whose favorite movies are only available in the VHS format. The technologically challenged still aren't sure what a DVD player is and how it works. They've just figured out how to set the time on the VCR and have a stack of VHS tapes that they are very happy with. They usually don't watch enough movies at home to care that much about film quality anyway. The penny pinchers don't want to invest in a new DVD player and certainly aren't going to pay to replace all of their VHS tapes with DVDs. The classic movie nut and the fan of obscure flicks, however, don't have much of an option. The movies they favor have never been released on DVD, so they really have no choice in the matter.

Where to Find VHS Movies
Movies that are available only in the VHS format can usually be found pretty easily in online stores, at movie rental locations and at local book and video shops. However, one can have problems finding copies of VHS movies that have been released in DVD format. These movies have either been sold out in VHS format or were never actually available in VHS to begin with. Flea markets, yard sales, and second-hand bookstores are great places to look for copies of most rare VHS movies.

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